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Multibeam Boot Camp 2023 
The 7th [ MBBC#7]

To those who are interested knowing how to work with the sonar in a proper way and getting the better result.

And this workshop will be introducing the multibeam seamless workflow.

Hands-on practical with the sonar on board for 7 days including installation, echo sounder calibration, and online recording. Using the latest technology for data processing, analysis and interpretation and 4D visualization and production.

From basic sonar principal and theory, basic sonar equation, multibeam project organization from line planning, sonar selection, project requirements, and QA & QC.

The following subjects are dealt with:


✓ What is Multibeam? What is sound and why sound!

✓ Pick the right multibeam for your operation.

✓ All the settings in the multibeam software you MUST and NEED to know why.

✓ The heart of the operation, Motion Sensor. The important stuff.

✓ What environment got to do with multibeam operation.

✓Result comparison between multibeam systems on same area at our research area.

✓ Just bathymetry? Object detection? Sediment type?

✓ Bottom detection? Save by the water column! Actually, you missed a lot of things.

✓ Learn how to read and understand your data.

✓ Beside your multibeam system, things effecting your result that always forgotten.

✓ Etc.


The course focus on practical and spends 69% most of the camp time. The course intended for beginner and intermediate level.

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Book YOUR SEAT now. 

For more info, please contact :

+6019 665 1912 - Lenny
+6013 400 9856 - Yana

*Seats are limited!
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