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Multibeam Boot Camp  2020 
The 6th [ MBBC#6]

All you need to do  to get NICE MBES Data !

And  you can do more than just getting DTM from your multibeam.

Missing the basic knowledge of Sonar and the principal giving a lot of disadvantage on Multibeam survey overall. This course is intended for those who are interested know how to work with the sonar the proper way and getting the better result. From sonar principal and theory, basic sonar equation, multibeam project organization from line planning, sonar selection, project requirements, and QA & QC. Hands-on practical with the sonar on board including installation, echo sounder calibration, and online recording. Using the latest technology for data processing, analysis and interpretation and 4D visualization and production. Basically, this workshop will be introducing the multibeam seamless workflow that had been introduced around the world.


The course focuses on practical and spends 75% most of the camp time. The course intended for beginner and intermediate level. More details, please send us email to

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OR For more info. please contact / +60196651912
*Seats are limited to 15 pax only.
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